Sometimes the “black hole” that eats resumes on the Web does us a favor.

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In business for over 10 years, Naked Coffee, located at 1111 H Street, provides customers with a unique blend of great food, coffee and atmosphere.  Naked Coffee specializes in carefully chosen and crafted coffee.  The ambiance is authentic and totally down to earth.  Naked Coffee strives to attract excellent people, while at the same time providing excellent coffee.

What Naked Coffee enjoy the most about doing business here is quite simple:  Sacramento loves coffee and the staff at Naked Coffee loves giving it to Sacramento.  Come by and see them soon! Don’t forget about their other locations at 1500 Q Street and 3527 Broadway.


Ever thought about telling the story behind your business? Let us know what’s unique and why you love doing business in Sacramento! Now is the chance to share! Contact Tim Padden, Economic Development Department at (916) 808-8506 or send an email. Please limit any…

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New media tech guru Guy Kawasaki has posted a great “to do” list to keep fast growing companies from creating a “Bozo explosion” – a slide into workforce mediocracy.

A favorite:

“Your HR department requires … five to ten years work experience in an industry that is only four years old.”


“Hiring a bozo with the “right” resume can drag down other employees and increase the probability of hiring more bozos. Not hiring a great person because she lacks the “right” resume is not as harmful but is a mistake too.”

Read it all at:

“Experienced, high performance sales executive seeking a new opportunity.


I didn’t take the time to learn anything about your company.

Or the names of any of the executives, HR managers or recruiters.

Or take the time to write you a personalized cover letter/email.

Or tell you how I can help your organization.

Or follow-up.

“Hire me.”


“My salary requirements are negotiable based upon the position and the overall total compensation package, including benefits.” Has anyone ever been impressed by that answer?

Buried by content and the content creators? Observations and advice on hiring and managing creative people (as well as writing really well) from one of the original “Mad Men” David Ogilvy, thanks to ” The Unpublished David Ogilvy/”

Hiring for New Media Start-ups

Saw a re-publish of a LinkedIn article from the New media Lab.  Some insights on what to look for when staffing up a “new media” organization.

What’s a Tuesday for if not to be self-serving? Good “Undercover Recruiter” piece on need for a friendly, neighborhood recruiter. Keep us in mind.

J.T. O’Donnell, a career coach and founder & CEO of, has posted an informative article on what to say when the person who’s interviewing asks about compensation. Read it at:
It has some good tips, especially about not closing any doors by starting the negotiations off on the wrong foot.

Employers, we can talk about why it’s better to let your recruiter have the first conversation on compensation.

Candidates, it’s the same message. You don;t want to hear that door slam.

For either party, it’s the best way of not having to live with the unpleasant feeling you somehow left “something on the table” during compensation negotiation.

Six Signs Your Boss Hates You…

7. You are transferred to the person who’s going to fire you (the boss dislikes “conflict”).

8. His wife sneers when she walks by your office.

(add your own…)