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(NY Times) An Introvert’s Guide to Networking How to make “working a room” less painful — and more effective.

It’s not just When but also How you do it.

Get ready, get going: It’s 2017!

When you’re most likely to start looking for a new job.


On Vacation. How to Keep the Boss at Bay?  

Also known as, “When to call a recruiter…” 6 Warning Signs Your Job is in Danger

“Titles are important,” says our Chief Posting Officer (and unpaid intern). See:

Sometimes the “black hole” that eats resumes on the Web does us a favor. #jobhunt 10-awful-but-funny-resumes-that-people-actually-submitted

Our conference room… City Express In business for over 10 years, Naked Coffee, located at 1111 H Street, provides customers with a unique blend of great food, coffee and atmosphere.  Naked Coffee specializes in carefully chosen and crafted coffee.  The ambiance is authentic and totally down to earth.  Naked Coffee strives to attract excellent people, […]