Archive for the ‘management’ Category The rules are changing not only on how employees view the workplace but also how the workplace sees – and values – them.  Thanks Moneyball!

“Titles are important,” says our Chief Posting Officer (and unpaid intern). See:

Buried by content and the content creators? Observations and advice on hiring and managing creative people (as well as writing really well) from one of the original “Mad Men” David Ogilvy, thanks to ” The Unpublished David Ogilvy/”

Hiring for New Media Start-ups Saw a re-publish of a LinkedIn article from the New media Lab.  Some insights on what to look for when staffing up a “new media” organization.

Six Signs Your Boss Hates You… 7. You are transferred to the person who’s going to fire you (the boss dislikes “conflict”). 8. His wife sneers when she walks by your office. (add your own…)