Archive for the ‘job search’ Category The rules are changing not only on how employees view the workplace but also how the workplace sees – and values – them.  Thanks Moneyball!

The unemployed should hold out for better job, study says (USA Today 11/2/15) Hard to argue when the mortgage is due, but settling for what you may think ofas an “interim” job at lower pay and a lower level frequently hurts when you try to right-size your career again. People tend to look at […]

“Titles are important,” says our Chief Posting Officer (and unpaid intern). See:

What’s a Tuesday for if not to be self-serving? Good “Undercover Recruiter” piece on need for a friendly, neighborhood recruiter. Keep us in mind.

J.T. O’Donnell, a career coach and founder & CEO of, has posted an informative article on what to say when the person who’s interviewing asks about compensation. Read it at: It has some good tips, especially about not closing any doors by starting the negotiations off on the wrong foot. Employers, we can […]

Good references can go a long way toward helping you get a good offer as well as influencing how you’re viewed as you start a new job. Some thoughts from us, after almost twenty years of talking to strangers on the phone: Not only ask people to serve as a reference, ask them what they […]