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An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

How to make “working a room” less painful — and more effective.

sept16-15-112238868It’s not just When but also How you do it.



Also known as, “When to call a recruiter…”

6 Warning Signs Your Job is in Danger


Keep 'em sweating.

Keep ’em sweating.


The rules are changing not only on how employees view the workplace but also how the workplace sees – and values – them.  Thanks Moneyball!

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The unemployed should hold out for better job, study says
(USA Today 11/2/15)


Hard to argue when the mortgage is due, but settling for what you may think ofas an “interim” job at lower pay and a lower level frequently hurts when you try to right-size your career again. People tend to look at what you’ve done last and, unfairly or not, a career dip or detour can raise questions.

“Titles are important,” says our Chief Posting Officer (and unpaid intern).



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